We are a team of diverse individuals that have been committed to creating experiences for our clients and empowering our industry for over a decade. We have a broad range of backgrounds in hotels, catering, project management, fashion, and film. Our strengths lie in our differences; it is not about thinking alike but rather thinking together.


Laura Ritchie

envelope pusher. unapologetically herself. patterns on patterns on patterns. can't be pigeonholed. designs to the beat of her own drum. hilarious. make it happen captain. big mac attack. high energy. mouth of a sailor. original thinker. meter maid magnet. people may come in as her clients, but she always has them leave as friends. 


Christie Yerks

precise. warm-hearted. result driven. checklist guru. spreadsheet wizard. thoughtful. caring beyond measure. selfless. family-oriented. master of tying the perfect bow. puppy lover. #futureflotus. no matter what state she is in, she’s always in a southern state of mind.


Brittany Hagaman

capable. malleable. self-motivated. organized. nail biter. the most likable person on the planet. genuinely supportive of others. naturally & annoyingly beautiful (inside and out). cheerleader. connoisseur of mexican food. positive. kevin bacon’s six degrees of separation pales in comparison to how many people know her.